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Event Host

A Tailored Service for your Event

Whether your event is public or private, meant for your customers or your partners,

it must be welcoming and entertaining,

and has to reflect the quality of your company.

My 8 years of professional experience in organization and event planning

turned me into a great reception and event planner specialized in musical entertainment,

for your professional event in Annecy, Geneva, Chamonix and in the whole Haute-Savoie (74).

BNJevent provides quality services of DJSound system, Lighting system

and original musical entertainment, customized for your event.

DJ et musique bonne ambiance au cocktail d'une soirée d'entreprise à Genève
Sonorisation et éclairage d'un évènement en Haute-Savoie 74
Cocktail reception pour un évènement professionnel à Genève

Business reception - Cocktail reception - Ceremony - Official opening - Birthday party

New Year's Eve party - Christmas celebration

Whatever your event is, music is one of the most important things to care about for its success.

There are different kinds of musical entertainment according to your event:

A customized background musical atmosphere best fits casual moments

like cocktail receptions, cocktail buffets or dinners.

If you want a more visual and charming entertainment in this kind of moments,

planning a live acoustic concert may be a better idea.

For a dance night or a dinner dance,

DJ with sound and lighting systems will be essential.

For a big public dancing night like a New Year's Eve party,

why don't you plan a Festive live concert, then a DJ and a Fire or Dance Performance ?

If you are a restaurant owner, you could plan a live acoustic concert,

which will bring a warm and charming atmosphere.

If you are a Pub owner, a festive live concert or a specific DJ set must be planned.

The DJ set can be specifically Funk, Rock, Soul, House, Electro, Swing, Pop, Latin music, Hip-Hop,

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s,... or a mix of various styles.

In any case an adapted lighting system will be suggested,

and I will guide and advise you to turn your event into a success.

Customizable Services

Here is a list of services I can provide.

Personalize your event according to your wishes !

✓ Background music DJ set

Appropriate for dinners, cocktail receptions, the DJ is not here to make people dance but to set lovely surroundings and a warm musical atmosphere.

✓ Dancing night DJ set

Whether your event is public or private, planned for 50 or 500 people, if your wish is to make everybody dance, you are in the good place.

✓ Sound system for events

You need a sound and PA system on a stage for speeches, an official opening, a fashion show. I can provide and set-up the adapted equipment.

✓ Decorative and architectural lighting design

Highlight your reception venue and turn it into a warm, elegant and friendly place.

✓ Light show

Highlight your new product, the high point of your reception or a fashion show, using computer-controlled professional lighting equipment.

✓ Live Concert

Enhance your party calling on professional musicians, in the style you like : Jazz, Gipsy music, Soul or Acoustic music for an elegant moment, or Funk, Rock, Pop music, for a festive moment.

✓ Karaoke

Why don't you offer an interactive and gathering entertainment like Karaoke ?

✓ Original musical entertainments

Discover some unique and original entertainments on a musical theme ! Thematic musical quiz, Jam Session, Acoustic live musical quizz,...

✓ Tell me about your ideas !

We will work together on your event project, its goals and its audience. My experience will be a big asset to implement your ideas or your wishes.

The Jam Session by BNJevent

If you know that your guests are amateur musicians

or if you are a live music lover or simply a curious person,

why don't you offer a Jam Session,

a kind of participative live gig ?

The concept is simple :

we put a "stage" in a chosen place, where various musical instruments are available :

 guitar, microphones, piano, percussion instruments, bass guitar,...

In charge of this almost improvised gig, a professional singer musician leads the

Jam Session and can accompany the participants.

No need to panic !

Even if sometimes no one dares to take part, the "conductor"

will know how to motivate your guests, playing songs of his songbook that make them

want to sing.  Then you will see your guests or customers going with the flow

and they will begin to play with the musician.

An incredible interactive and friendly special moment,

and the opportunity for some to make a childhood dream come true :

Singing in a band.

Concert live à la Jam session où l'animation musicale est bonne
Animation musicale originale et concert acoustique

The Acoustic live musical quiz by BNJevent

Do you know about Musical quiz ? This popular game which consists in listening to musical extracts and people have to guess what it is, the title of the song and its singer.

Well-known so not much original, we can make this game a lot better by dividing it into themes and playing with new technology :

the best guitar solos of all time, the unexpected covers, playing backwards,...

Moreover, here is the Acoustic live musical quiz :

The concept remains the same, but a real musician plays the songs…

And the game takes on a new dimension !

For more information, Please contact me !

References and achievements

Bureaux de l'Organisation Internationale du Travail Genève - Staff party

Station Les Carroz - New Year's Eve party, National day party, DJ set at Snow Park, Staff party

Skynight Satigny - Incentive Reception

Hilton Evian-les-Bains - Staff party

Domaine de Monteret Saint-Cergue - Bithday party

Oxygène Organisation - Staff reception

Ville de Samoëns - Thank-you event for sport champions

Le White Pub Flaine - DJ Set, Après-ski party, Concerts

Salento café Les Carroz - DJ Set, Acoustic live music quiz, Concerts

Les Flocons Verts Les Carroz - New Year's Eve party, Concerts, Acoustic live music quiz

Restaurant Le Tire-Fesses Les Carroz - Après-ski party, Concerts, DJ Set

Carpédiem Pub Les Carroz - DJ Set, Concerts, Jam Session

Restaurant Le Benetton Les Saisies - Birthday party

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